Andre Matos

Bans & Albums
1985 – 1990,
 2012 – 2017 – Viper
1985 The Killera Sword
1987 – Soldiers Of Sunrise
2007 – All My Life (as special guest)
2015 – To Live Again

1991 – 2000 – Angra
1992 – Reaching Horizons
1993 – Angels Cry
1995 – Live Acoustic At FNAC
1996 – Holy Land
1998 – Holy Live 
1998 – Fireworks

2000 – 2006, 2018 – 2019 – Shaman
2001 – Shaman
2002 – Ritual
2003 – RituAlive
2005 – Reason

2007 – 2019 – Solo
2007 – Time To Be Free
2009 – Mentalize 
2012 – The Turn Of The Lights 
2019 – Moonlight: The Best Of André Matos 

Guest appearances:
1996 – Nepal – Manifiesto
1998 – Sieges Even – Equinox
1998 – Superior – Younique
1998  Time Machine – Secret OceansPart II
2000  Sagrado Corção Da Terra – Ao Oeste Do Sol, Oesta Da Luna
2000 – Rodrigo Alves – Suddenly
2001  Hamlet – William Shakespeare’s Hamlet
2001 – Holy Sagga – Planetude
2001 – Karma – Into The Eyes
2001 – Henceforth – I.Q.O.
2001 – Avantasia – The Metal Opera Part I
2002 – Avantasia – The Metal Opera Part II
2002 – Avalanch – Los Poetas Han Muerto
2002 – Luca Turilli – Prophet Of The Last Eclipse
2003 – Dr. Sin – Ten Years Live
2004 – Aina – Days Of Rising Doom
2004 – Thalion – Another Sun
2005 – Epica – Consign To Oblivion
2006 – Eyes Of Shiva – Deep
2007 – Viper – All My Life
2008 – Clairvoyants – Word To The Wise
2009 – HDK – System Overload
2009 – Corciolli – Lightwalk
2010 – Avantasia – The Wicked Symphony
2011 – My Alley – Hope
2013 – Empürios – Cyclings
2016 – Art X – The Redemption Of Cain
2017 – Soulspell – The Second Big Bang
2019 – Soulspell – 10 Years Of Soul 

André Coelho Matos was born 14 September 1971.
He was a Brazilian singer, musician, producer, and composer.
André was part of the heavy metal bands Viper, Angra, Shaman and Symfonia.
Since October 2006, André had been dedicating his time to his solo career.
In 2012, he was ranked No. 77 at the list of 100 Greatest Voices of Brazilian Music by Rolling Stone Brasil.
André grew up in São Paulo.
On the age of 10, he gets his first piano from his parents. 
As a teen, he would gather with his friends to listen to their favorite bands. Soon they began learning to play music too, and Matos joined his first band, Viper. 

The band first performed in April 1985, when he was just 13 years old. That same year, they recorded their first demo The Killera Sword.
André continued on vocals, but he had no intention of remaining a vocalist, a role he assumed only because his singing was the least poor vocals of all of them, and because he physically resembled Iron Maiden’s vocalist, Bruce Dickinson. 
His instruments of choice were always the piano and keyboard. 
André left Viper when the band began to change it’s musical style. 
André become interested in classical music, and felt that his musical vision had begun to diverge from that of the other band members, who wanted to focus on heavier, crude music.
After he left Viper, André went back to school and finished his education in music, specializing in orchestral conducting and music composition.
In 1991, Angra was formed, and with the first album, Angels Cry, released in 1993, the band became famous in Japan and Europe. 
Later, Holy Land and Fireworks were released. 
Angra’s style evolved from a Helloween inspired melodic speed metal to a unique blend of heavy metal, classical music and traditional Brazilian influences which brought them worldwide critical praise.

In 2000, André left Angra alongside Luis Mariutti the bass player and Ricardo Confessori the drummer, because of a disagreement with guitar players Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro concerning the band’s management.

André stayed with Luis and Ricardo and recruited Luis’s brother Hugo on guitar, together they formed the band Shaman.
The band was a sudden success due to the song Fairy Tale which was featured in the Brazilian soap opera Beijo do Vampiro (Vampire Kiss)
Their first album, Ritual, sold over 200.000 copies worldwide in the first year of its release and resulted in a tour with 150 concerts around the world and a DVD called Ritualive.
Their second release, Reason, kept the fame and culminated in a concert in front of 10,000 people in Rio de Janeiro. After this, the band owner and former Angra drummer Ricardo fired André, Luis and Hugo from the band.
On 29 June 2018, Shaman announced a reunion of their original lineup to tour in celebration of their 17th anniversary.

Viper recorded their first tape in 1985, The Killera Sword, and in 1987, they released their first album, Soldiers Of Sunrise.
In 1989, they released the album Theatre Of Fate.
This album was released in several countries and granted them international fame, especially in Japan, where it outsold groups like Nirvana and Van Halen.
Not long after that, André left Viper to complete his education in music at a University in Germany.
Upon returning to Brazil he joined the band Angra.
André joined Viper again in 2012 for a Brazilian tour. Commenting on this reunion, he said, “I was friends with everybody again, and we started seeing each other again.
The idea came now last year (2012) that we should do an anniversary tour and celebrate the first album. Everybody was very, positive about it.
So we just needed to figure out when it would be the best time to do it, when everyone would have some free spots in their agendas to match together and to actually make it work, and it did work.”

Angra was formed in 1991 by André Matos and Rafael Bittencourt and André Linhares. 
They were joined by Rafael’s former bandmate Marcos Antunes and Luís Mariutti.
This line-up composed a number of the earliest songs, with Rafael Bittencourt and Andre Matos emerging as songwriters.
 of the first songs written were Time and Angels Cry, both featured on the band’s first album.
The song Queen Of The Night, composed by André and Rafael, was originally titled Rainha, and had been one of the songs from Rafael and Marcos their previous band.
he song Carry On was composed by André Matos and brought to the band. In the beginning of 1992, André Linhares was replaced by André Hernandes.
His stay was equally brief and Kiko Loureiro joined the band later in 1992.
It was during André Hernandes time in the band that the song Evil Warning was written. Finally they added Reaching Horizons by Rafael.
These six songs resulted in a demo-tape Reaching Horizons that was released in 1993.
During the recording sessions for their first album Angels Cry, Marcos left the band.
A number of session drummers, including Alex Holzwarth were used to finish the album.
Ricardo Confessori was later installed as a permanent replacement.
This line-up change established a stable line-up lasted from 1993 – 2000.
Angels Cry was recorded at Gamma Ray guitarist Kai Hansen’s studio in Hamburg, Germany. Besides Kai, the album included guest performances by Heavens Gate guitarist Sascha Paeth and Dirk Schlächter.
The album was released in Brazil in 1993 through Eldorado Records and contained a number of classical influences as well as a cover of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.
The album had some success both in Brazil as well as Japan.
The band were managed by Antonio Pirani, also editor of Rock Brigade magazine.
Due to the album’s success in Japan, the Evil Warning EP was released in 1994, which included remixed versions of songs Evil Warning, Angels Cry, Carry On and Wuthering Heights.
In 1996 Angra opened for AC/DC in Brazil and was invited to the inaugural Brazilian Monsters Of Rock Festival.
Following the festival, recorded in Paris in 1996.
The Holy Box was released in 1998.
In 1998 the band released the single Lisbon, followed by the album Fireworks.
Fireworks was a departure from Angra’s earlier experimental sound, focusing more on a neo-classical metal sound and lacking the Brazilian rhythms that were included in Holy Land.
A lengthy world tour was set up in support for the album.
The band appeared at the Buenos Aires edition of Monsters Of Rock while they co headlined shows in Europe with Time Machine and Stratovarius in 1999. 

Bruce Dickinson made a guest appearance during the Paris show while the band also performed at the Wacken Open Air festival.
During mid-2000 Angra split, parting ways with vocalist André Matos who took bassist Luis Mariutti and drummer Ricardo Confessori with him. 


The band was formed in 2000, when musicians André.
At the time the band was assembled, they did not have a guitarist, so Hugo Mariutti was initially hired to assist in the compositions.
Later they permanently integrated him into the band.
The name chosen for the band, Shaman, refers to the religious practice of shamanism, with the word shaman generally thought to be of Siberian origin.
They started an initial tour, which went through Europe and Latin America, France, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
For live keyboards the band requested the help of musician Fábio Ribeiro.
he band started recording their album, entitled Ritual, in January 2002.
The production was managed by producer Sascha Paeth, who also produced albums for Angra, Edguy, Rhapsody Of Fire and Virgo and with co-production of Phil Colodetti.
Ritual was released in more than 15 countries.
The World Ritual Tour lasted for one year and a half, touring in such places as, Brazil, Asia, Latin America and Europe.
There were over 150 shows at that time, some presented twice in the same place.
In 2003, Shaman was in the first place slots for Brazil, with Ritual being awarded the best album of 2002 and in 2004 by the readers of Folha de S. Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper.
Later in 2004, Shaman opened for Iron Maiden’s show in São Paulo, playing to an audience of over 45,000.
The band then recorded a live show in the Credicard Hall with the participation of several special guests such as Tobias Sammet, Marcus Viana, Andi Deris, Sascha Paeth, George Mouzayek and Michael Weikath.
The show was then released on CD and DVD, entitled RituAlive.
The engineering and mixing was done entirely at The Creative Studios in São Paulo, and the production was done by Phil Colodetti together with the Shaman members. 
According to director of Universal Music of Brazil, RituAlive is still the best DVD of its genre due to it’s quality and contents.
In 2005, the entitled Reason, was released.
The result of Reason, which was mixed in Germany by producer Sascha Paeth and recorded in Brazil by Phil Colodetti at Creative Studios, attempted to return the feeling and spirit of 80’s heavy metal.
Their first single, Innocence from Reason was played on radio stations and further split the official charts of the highest charting songs in Brazil.
The video for the song also appeared on music TV channels.
Soon after that, André and two other members where fired by Ricardo.
On June 29, 2018 Shaman announced a reunion of their original lineup to tour in celebration of their 17th Anniversary with two shows in Sao Paulo. After some weeks, a tour were announced for Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Fortaleza and Recife.
On June 2, 2019, theiy played at Free Pass Metal Festival same festival where Avantasia also played on June 2, 2019.
André was also one of the guest singers with Avantasia that night, and performed on the song, Reach Out For The Light.
The tour was interrupted with the unexpected death of André on June 8, 2019.