We updated the pages 

Welcome on the website of the Hellfire Fanclub.
Here you can find news about the bands Avantasia, Edguy and related bands.
And our merchandise.


pages we have updated, and next planned update

  • We working on a new layout for the website, so it can show things a little messy but we will work on it  07-21-2019
  • Related artist updated with Oliver Hartmann 07-17-2019
  • Related artists updated with Ronnie Atkins (not finished yet) 07-16-2019
  • Geoff Tate added on the related artists 07-12-2019   Discography of Geoff Tate coming soon
  • Festival dates added 07-05-2019
  • Next  update will be Avantasie & Edguy related artists 04-07-2019